We’re looking for an enthusiastic, hard-working, social savvy individual with a special talent for organization to hit the ground running in our Lagos office. If you are a student with a passion for wordplay who abhors a poorly-constructed sentence then Abdam Creative has an exciting opportunity for you.

We are looking for writers who can cover a wide variety of of topics, including entertainment, social issues, viral news, and breaking news. Applicants should be able to write with a strong and humorous voice while delivering clean copy. The ability to make sound news judgement and turn in a post quickly is a must.

Join our internship program to learn and work in the cutting edge of digital innovation. Abdam Creative interns will provide support across a variety of platforms in a very hands-on role. You will gain specific experience writing, editing and performing managerial tasks. You’ll also help with building creative assets for our clients in the new media world.


Job Responsibilities

  • Assist in preparing, writing and editing posts for Yute!
  • Assist with day-to-day housekeeping tasks.
  • Pitch ideas for creating clear and engaging copy for both short and medium-length content
  • Assist in reviewing and moderating stories on the site, ensuring all text and images are consistent with our standards
  • Maintain a good connection and dialogue with line editors and the fellow editorial team.


Job Requirements

  • Experience in writing and editing copy for online
  • At least one year social media writing experience is preferred
  • Excellent English writing skills
  • Excellent spelling, grammar and punctuation skills
  • Understanding of the special requirements for writing online, including the use of keywords, hyperlinks, navigation and the importance of brevity
  • Critical eye for details in all aspects of visual design, including typography, color and aesthetic
  • Good editorial judgement
  • A deep understanding of fashion, street culture and digital trends
  • Good Photoshop skills
  • Good interpersonal skills to work with the editorial team